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There’s something about Lei Lani. From it’s early beginnings in 1984, Lei Lani is a piece of Heaven, sent here on Earth to give locals and tourists alike a taste of fun and tranquility. Lei Lani, planned in 1983 and finished in 1984, was developed by Thomas Nonnenmacher of Waterview Developments. Lei Lani on the Gulf-side fought many legal battles in the early ‘80s because of the Lei Lani’s dune setback line and the beach mice habitat, but the building fought through opposition and succeeded in becoming a new condominium that would lead way for beachfront development. It’s presence today proves that Lei Lani is a blessing and a miracle, surviving the tides and the hurricanes Lei Lani is a condo every person who travels to the Gulf Coast must meet. It’s developer, Thomas Nonnenmacher of Mobile, also developed Sunswept, The Sands of West Beach, Lani Kai, Seaside Beach & Racquet, Gulfview, Wolf Bay Villas, and Ole River. His iconic condominiums possess the eclectic and alluring architectural style of the 1980s, a modern and unique design that defines the culture of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. Lei Lani consists of three charming buildings--The Gulf Front Tower, The Mini Tower, and The Village.


Lei Lani Towers (Gulf-Front) is a 7-story concrete tower displaying a sleek shed-roof style with splattered, Spanish-styled stucco, 2 elevators, an indoor and outdoor pool, and each unit (1, 2, or 3 bedrooms) offers spacious Gulf-Front Balconies. The end units offer wrap-around balconies with each bedroom having its own bathroom, a useful and articulate space-design for owners as well as vacationers.
The Mini Tower is across the street on the Ole River property side and it is the junior form of the Gulf Tower, as it is a concrete, 3 story building with undercover parking, wood railing accents, and views overlooking the beach as well as the tennis courts and Ole River.
The Village building is also across the street on the Ole River property side. This precious 2-story wood-frame building offers undercover parking, studio, 1, and 2 bedroom units, and views overlooking Ole River and the beach (from across the street.)
The Lei Lani complex is located on a quiet part of Orange Beach, on the east side of the Pass, and also has it’s own stoplight so owners and vacationers can safely cross the the beach or the river. Lei Lani provides first-come, first-serve boat docks for the boat and fishing lovers and owners can have pets. Because Lei Lani sits closer to the beach than most other buildings, the cool ocean breezes and the
soothing sound of the waves crashing onto the sugar white sand reinvigorates the soul.

Spending hot summer says tanning and dipping into the pool, dancing to Madonna’s “Burning Up” in the spacious living room, laughing with friends and family late at night on the beachfront balcony, and having the gentle lapping of the shore lull you to sleep is an experience only at Lei Lani. Watching the graceful and abundant wildlife-- the pelicans, crabs, sandpipers, herons, and ospreys--is a joyful and serene view of what Heaven truly is.

The iridescent sunrises and sunsets convey the colors and brightness of life. The neighbors and friendly faces await you at Lei Lani, welcoming you to the beach life. Come to Lei Lani and experience this feeling first-hand. There’s something about Lei Lani, a feeling of fun and tranquility, like no other... Lei Lani is the real slice of Heaven in Orange Beach.

sunswept orange beach


Romar House Kylee Kubat Orange Beach Condos

Welcome to Romar House, the Polynesian jewel of the Alabama Gulf Coast. In 1983 and 1984, Romar House was developed by Tom and Bill Mitchell and designed by the renowned modern architect Marshall Fischrupp.

The Mitchell family grew up along the Gulf Coast since the 1950s--staying in and building early beach houses before the coastal towns of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores were incorporated. When they noticed that "condominiums" were becoming a popular concept for beachfront development after Hurricane Frederic in 1979, the vision of "Romar House" came alive.

Romar House would make a statement in the condo world, bringing beachfront living to a new realm of resort lifestyle of amenities and finishes that were never seen before. The Mitchell family would work with Marshall Fischrupp of Deitz, Prince, and Fischrupp Architects of Mobile. Fischrupp was a celebrated artist and architect of exotic modern design. His philosophies of form and function echoed the Spirits of Frank Lloyd Wright and Paul Rudolph, and his love for the sea and tales of journeys to and from islands around the world were pieced together to create the aura of Romar House. Up until his passing in 2020, Fischrupp would still attend Romar House HOA meetings as his love and passion for Romar House was strong.

Romar House--the embodiment, the spirit, and the child of true "island modern architecture" along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Luscious landscaping with exotic flora and fauna dresses the two concrete and tan stucco towers. They stand tall and proud on the sugar-white sands of the Gulf, zig-zagging the shoreline as each unit's large corner balcony points East to the Sunrise and views far down Perdido Key. Each unit offers a modern, open floor plan of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom features access to the balcony and Gulf views.

Romar House features handsome wood accents to create this Polynesian-Island atmosphere, a world within a world. Incredible details and uses of shapes on the railings, lighting fixtures, door trims, and roof overhangs make this island gem an architectural sanctuary. To make memories at Romar House is a gift and a blessing. Romar House is loved by all and a dear friend to me. 


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